Why Is DomCop a good choice?

A DomCop review will give you all the answers that you are looking for. You will know why you should pick DomCop from the rest of its competitors.

Why is DomCop expensive?

It is a fact that DomCop is more expensive than its rivals. It acquires metrics from various sources and pays for it. DomCop ensures that the customer receives the best quality products. They should receive the best metrics that are available and not waste too much time trying to find the right domain. DomCop provides an exhaustive and complete list of expired domains one can find.


What is the seven day trial period?

Another advantage of DomCop is that they provide a seven day trial period to experiment and try out the plan. Trial period does not cost the customer anything. Free trial does not include access to the archived or the expired sections. This is to prevent the customers from abusing and taking advantage of the system. All the features of the newbie plan come with the trial package.

What happens after the seven day trial period?

Customers need to upgrade to the powerplan in order to avail the services and gain access to the archived and expired sections. The Guru plan is required in order to access to personal domain crawler.

If the customer is not happy after the seven day trial period, he will not have access to the paid features. The watch list data is saved in case the customer changes his mind.

What is the mode of payment?

The payment process is also very simple DomCop uses PayPal as a payment mode. Customers who do not use PayPal can pay via debit/credit card and complete the transaction.

DomCop review states that the support that is given by the DomCop is one of the best. They are friendly, efficient and easily available. Customers have come back stating that DomCop is the best decision they have ever made.

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