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Beware of Fake Free PSN Codes Generators

When we google the internet, we can find a lot of sites offering free PSN Codes to the PlayStation gamers. These sites offer codes of $20 or $50 value for absolutely free. But are these sites reliable? There are few sites that are genuine but there are lots of them that are fake. When we take a look into these sites and observe them more carefully, they look more suspicious.

Security Certifications

A site is believed to be trustworthy when there are security certifications. But in case of fake sites, there would be visible security certifications but there would be no companies that would be associated with these certifications. To put it simple, these certifications are fake..


PSN Cards

When the user clicks the button that promises to give free code, he would not be getting any free codes. Instead, he would be asked to refer his friends to the site or share the site link to 5 or more friends. After this is done, the site promises to unlock the code. But again, after this step is over, the user will be redirected to another site asking them to provide their phone number during a survey. Suspicious, isn’t it? This phone number will be automatically used for subscribing some SMS service which is going to cost some amount.


There are lots of webpages like the ones mentioned above to get the gamer’s money. Once the user refers his friends, they too fall prey to the fake site’s tricks. At the end, none of the users get any free PSN code or PSN discount codes from these sites. These sites are categorized as Adware due to their weird policies, advertisements and the amount of fake information they provide.

It is important for the gamers to know about the contents of these websites and stay alert!